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  crossfire paintball  
  Speed ball is a fast paced games lasting for some 10 – 20 minutes each. Here in one team member has to reach the opposite team’s goal post without getting tagged by the paintball shot and Ring the bell/Capture the flag of the opposite side. The team who will accomplish the task first, will win! Every player gets an extra life represented with an arm band .when player get tagged for the first time his/her arm band will be removed and player need wait near their own goal post for 3 minutes. He/she will be back in the game after referee’s signal.  

COLUMBIAN COUNTER ATTACK is a scenario based game lasting for 25 – 35 minutes each. Enemy forces have captured a high ranking member of your team – a general. You need to counter attack your enemy and rescue the general. Enemy forces have also planted a bomb, which your team has to diffuse in 30 minutes, failing which the bomb will explode, taking your entire team away!

Close combat is inevitable, as the woodland which gives you cover also hides the enemy. You must be on your guard for sniper attacks and ambushes. Two teams play two different roles with two different objectives.

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